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Flatwoods Turf Care ​is the natural choice for your organic lawn fertilization care. Our all natural fertilizer is effective in treating grass disease, preventing weeds and giving you greener grass. Nearly eliminating harmful nitrates, phosphates, traditional chemical based products and synthetic pesticides*, our all natural, organic based lawn fertilization programs are safe for you, your family and for the environment!

Committed to protecting our planet one organic lawn at a time, we use an all natural organic fertilizer, Holganix, which is safe for the environment. Family and pet-friendly, Holganix lawn fertilizer has been tested for over 20 years and addresses the ecology of the entire lawn. Grass root development is improved which results in better drought tolerance and weed suppression, naturally.

Flatwoods Turf Care is:

  • Local
  • Family-Owned
  • Eco-Friendly

With the Flatwoods Turf Care Programs, you will have the green weed-free healthier lawn you have always wanted, save money and save the earth. Let Flatwoods Turf Care take the work and worry out of having a beautiful lawn, the organic way.

*Synthetic chemical fertilizers contain phosphorous, nitrates and pesticides. These harmful chemical compounds make their way to rivers, streams and the ocean where they produce an overabundance of algae and plankton. This in turn creates an imbalance that depletes precious oxygen that wildlife needs to survive. The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico is the worst aquatic hypoxic (low oxygen) zone in the world. There are many more dead zones developing throughout the world due to these very harmful substances. Locally, there are concerns about contamination in the Catawba River Basin and other local lakes, ponds, and streams.

Why Flatwoods Turf Care is the Best Choice For You!

10 Reasons

1. Reduces The Toxic Load, Nearly eliminating phosphates, nitrates, and pesticides, keeping chemicals out of the air, water, soil, and out of our bodies.

2. Better Health, for humans, animals, the lawns and the planet.

3. Water Conservation & Preservation. Water does not often become contaminated in organic systems, which also require less water than synthetic programs.

4. Soil Health & Sustainability. Organics build organic matter and life within the soil.

5. Pest & Disease Reduction. Insects and diseases tend to be more attracted to out-of-balance synthetic systems.

6. Resource Conservation. Synthetic fertilizers are derived from fossil fuels and organic systems encourage recycling.

7. Financial Savings through time. Organic systems become more independent as the soil is improved, which means less maintenance in mowing, watering and fertilizing because you will have a naturally stronger and healthier lawn.

8. Professional Staff provides you with superior customer service.

9. Environmental Awareness. Allows you to participate in the green movement without sacrificing results.

10. You can trust our hand shake. Flatwoods Organics has been satisfying customers in the Greater Charlotte Area with quality turf care for years.

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We proudly use a product called HolganixHolganix functions as a Biological Meta-Catalyst (a.k.a. bio-stimulant) by enabling plants to more efficiently uptake beneficial nutrients and pesticides. Because healthy plants are more able to resist disease and insect damage, using Holganix can result in decreases in the use of herbicides and pesticides. Significantly lower quantities of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides are needed to obtain the results previously only available through the use of traditional products. Best of all: fewer nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals are released into the environment.

Through the use of micro-organisms and enzymes, Holganix turns just a small amount of fertilizer into one of the most effective lawn treatments available today. Holganix makes the soil healthier, lessens watering needs, reduces use of fertilizer and pesticides, almost eliminates the use of phosphates and nitrates, naturally balances the soil's pH, and is safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Our Services

Organic-Based Fertilization

Our Organic-Based Fertilization Program is a  natural way to get thick, green, healthy turf  while reducing the use of fertilizers by as much as 90%. Instead of chemicals, we use natural microorganisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective turf treatment available. With Flatwoods Turf Care, you can reduce your environmental footprint … and get great results.

Turf Disease Control

​Our Turf Disease Control Program protects your turf against such turf fungal diseases as Brown Patch, Pythium Root Rot, and Dollar Spot. Our program is a proactive program which starts in Mid-May and continues for 4 applications every 28 days.

Turf Insect Control

Our Turf Insect Control Program controls surface and subsurface turf feeding insects. These insects include but are not limited to white grubs, mole crickets, and army worms. Turf insect damage is often misdiagnosed as disease or weather damage. Our proactive program will help protect your turf against such damage.

Turf Renovation

Our Turf Renovation Program includes the aeration and overseeding of your turf areas. Since we live in whats called the "Turf Transition Zone" meaning warm and cool seasons grasses will grow here, aeration and overseeding is a critical part of our turf programs. Core aeration helps with soil compaction and allows the turf to breath by introducing oxygen into the soil. 

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